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Welcome to Johnson Bamboo. We have grown bamboo at this location since 1991. Sales began a few years later

We originally purchased bamboo simply because we liked how it looked. Soon the benefits of a tall evergreen wall/barrier became apparent. Now most of our 2.5 acre nursery is walled in by 25' high clumping evergreen bamboo (Bambusa multiplex hedge). Animals, burglars, high winds, and peering eyes can not get through it.  Many other clumping and running bamboo were planted all of which have their virtues and limitations. Some are huge, some spread aggressively and need to be contained, most like close to full sun while others like some shade, all can be grown in containers for the patio or pool, and all are beautiful in their own way. Our bird population has increased with bamboo being the preferred roosting location especially during storms and cold weather. Uses for bamboo are limited only by your imagination and skill.

While selling bamboo at local public gardens a common comment heard from people is "I can't have a bamboo. It will spread all over my property." Some will and some won't. Aggressive running bamboo are very desirable in some circumstances while in most cases a non-spreading clumping bamboo is a better choice to solve a problem or satisfy a need.

The most common problem people want to solve is restricting a view into their property. Often a six foot high fence is not enough. Bamboo grow from a few feet to over sixty feet high when mature.

Most of our bamboo are sold in three gallon containers, 10 across at the top.  A few containers are larger. These larger containers are usually a bit more expensive.  Most of our bamboo are in three, four or five gallon pots. All are established, healthy, and ready to be planted .

Pick-Up or Delivery
We prefer for customers to pick up their plants at our nursery which allows them to view their bamboo in the landscape. Our nursery is one hour north of Tampa and ninety minute west of Orlando. Call for directions. A map is on the "Contact Us" page. Always call before visiting to make sure we are here. Delivery within one hundred miles costs $1.50 per mile one way distance for one plant or a truck load. Some bamboo may be in short supply or sold out. Be sure to inquire before ordering on line.

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Cash or check. Credit cards are no longer accepted.

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Whenever feasible we recycle. A trailer park delivers their bagged leaves to us, saving landfill fees and providing us needed mulch. Tree trimming companies bring us many truck loads of wood chips every year. The pile tops are raked down to form a smooth surface two or three feet thick, and in a year or two it becomes excellent soil.

Help us recycle by bringing your unwanted one gallon or larger nursery pots. Three, five and seven gallon black pots are especially helpful. Thank you for your support!